Media Files

Music downloads for the NIYS Fall Concert on November 29, 2017.

Click on a link to listen to the audio file, or right-click to save the file to your computer.

Philharmonic Orchestra:

  1. NIYS 2017 teaser.mp3

  2. Video Games Live.mp3

  3. Redlands Youth Symphony – Pines of Rome Finale.mp3

  4. Pines of Rome Finale.mp3

  5. Syncopated Clock.mp3

  6. Gilding Girl.mp3

  7. Chicago.mp3

  8. Sorcerers Apprentice – Higgins.mp3

  9. Dance of the Clowns.mp3

  10. Give My Regards to George.mp3

  11. Valdres March.mp3

  12. Whats up at the Symphony.mp3

Intermezzo Orchestra:

Peer Gynt Suite- .75x tempo

Peer Gynt Suite Selections

Dance of the Tumblers – 0.75x tempo

Dance of the Tumblers

Ancient Echoes of Time


Debut Orchestra

Skater’s Waltz

Wexford Circle

William Tell Overture